Sunday, 20 February 2011

Kazakhstan Festivals

The first day of spring begins with New year called Nauryz, The people congratulate friends, neighbours and also Family. On this day in our town people decorate Yurts. In the Yurts the people Enjoy the traditional dish of Nauryz koshe, which is made with seven Grains, representing the seven days a week.
Many Kazakh festivals usually include games, sings, E.g. Horse Racing, Often they do racing with as many as two hundred participants, these guys go around a mile-along track for about thirty laps. One of other game is Kokpar-a type of Polo, Kumis aly- " to get a Silver"- When the riders get to full speed he must to pick a handkerchief off the ground. The Romantic game is Kuuz Kuu- "Catch the Girl" Where the Boys try to catch the Best Girls in the race. 


 Kazakha kures -(Kazakh wrestling) since ancient time, when our people began to be called Tukic. In general similar kinds of wrestling (struggle) can be met to this day at the Turkic people. Nowadays such ancient version Kazakh wrestling they bared on a belt, therefore wrestlels struggled only by a principle "who more strongly, that and the winner". 
 Now Kazakh wrestling  along with preservation of elements of nathional originalit, considers also the positive impact on it's  further  development. Fighters of Kazakh wrestling freguently take part and competions by other kinds of struggle a Judo, Sambo, jui-jutseia, freestyle wrestling and greko-rome wrestling.

 Sais-(Fighting on a horse)
This game requires of horsemen of the big physical strength, dexterity, durable landing in a saddle and skills to operate a horse.
Game is spent on a platform 25х50м, duration of game-15мин. The main task horsemen-to pull out the opponent from a saddle.

Now Kazakh people like the football, All Pab's in the town is full because they wathing the match. 

 Kazakhstan have two states Language  Kazakh and Russian. Because Kazakhstan is Multinational the state, and Many different people.