I am going to talk about culture in saudi arabia then I am going to compare it with culture in the United Kingdom 
Saudi Arabia is a country located in middle east, and the religion is Islam.
First of all I am going to compare the festivals. Saudi society celebrate Eid while british society celebrate Christmast and new year.
In saudi arabia we have three celebration days which are Eid Alfitr, Eid Aladha and the national day.
At six o'clock early morning on Eid days, muslim people often wear new clothes and go to mosque to perform a special pray for Eid, its not a long pray but they have to do it.
Wearing a new clothes at Eid is traditional thing we don't have to, but muslims people often doing it.
After we finish praying we visit our families and say to them "Happy Eid" 
Eid Alfitr is a celebration day comes after ramadan which is a month muslims people must fast. Eid Alfitr festival comes after ramadan fasting period.
The other religious celebration saudi people have is Eid Aladha where people celebrate the compilation of pilgrimage.
On the day of Eid people gather with their families to celebrate.
And finally. there is one more day Saudi people often celebrate it which is the national day, while the United Kingdom has no single official national day.

Now, i am going to talk about the differences of language between the United Kingdom and Saudi.
The official language in United Kingdom is english while the main language in saudi is arabic.
Both of these countries have difference accents, but the deferent thing between these two countries, that United Kingdom has more accents than Saudi Arabia, for example in saudi we have eastern accent and western accent while in United Kingdom they've Welsh, Scottish, Irish and more.

Finally I am going to talk about sports between these two countries.
There are some similar sports between these two countries, for example both or them are extremely interested in football, in my country there are a lot of people addicted to football.
And also there is another kind of sport that both of these countries share it which is horse riding, but this sport in saudi arabia is mostly for rich people because only rich people can afford stables.
At the same time there are some difference sports such as camel riding,  this sport is very popular in saudi arabia unlike United Kingdom they don't have this sport,
while United Kingdom also have a lot of sports that Saudi Arabia don't, like rugby, rowing, boxing, badminton, cricket and golf. 
Finally, there is also popular sport in Saudi Arabia that United Kingdom don't have which is rally racing